Photo of Christopher St.Leger in an art gallery looking at impressionist paintings. Gallery has terra-cotta red walls, a large tufted yellow sofa with palm plants behind it. All of the paintings have ornate gold frames.


Luminosity is the atmosphere and nature of watercolor. It is the one quality that has always drawn me to the medium. Much like a photograph, watercolors develop. Each begins with a 'what if' and concludes by gently placing down the brush. 

The medium of oil painting has a nature too, though one that counters watercolor.

Throughout the years, I find myself aligning the direction of an individual painting with a course of nature, sort of like asking the materials at hand how they wish to be used.



I don't look to conquer places. I prefer to explore new landscapes and cities without background information, without GPS, much preferring to feel lost. Travel that is most dear to me gives little credit to the place and more to the attitude of abandon.


Lately, I have been more curious about what is beyond my street and neighborhood here in Caldwell County. I have begun to look at the place around me plainly through new eyes. I remind myself that despite the fact that there are so many things that this place is not, it is authentic. Portraying this quality is a challenge, but one that I continuously enjoy.

Current Artist in Residence

Commerce gallery

Downtown Lockhart, TX

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Located in historic Downtown Lockhart, Commerce Gallery showcases contemporary visual art while offering an inviting space for communities to gather, create and connect.

The gallery, founded in 2019 by owners and curators Donna Blair and Tamara Carlise, is housed in a century-old building nestled in the heart of Lockhart’s historic town square. Commerce Gallery curates rotating exhibitions by the region’s most celebrated contemporary artists and serves as homebase to prolific artist-in-residence Christopher St. Leger.

102 S. Commerce St.

Thursday — Sunday  11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Artist CV

For a comprehensive outline of the artist's career, click below to see Christopher St.Leger's downloadable Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Christopher St.Leger's CV