what does i stand for?

what does i stand for?

It stands for interstate.  But it's the question, or the nature of such a question that I've been witness to for the past month as my children have been home from school.  One child asks questions more.

My other child observes more of what I do, as in what my body is language-ing.  Or how I might nag him (or her) to please put down the screen while I proceed to sit there and type email responses.  Or how I lose my temper while baking low-carb meatloaf.  

To describe my state while painting as speechless is inadequate.  I've had conversations, supposedly, with my wife on my cell phone while painting that I barely remember.  I mean, I do make noises, words even.  But mostly, I experience painting as an ungrammatical stretch of grunts.  This is what those who observe me have reported, I don't remember.

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