weightless on the inside

weightless on the inside

Bank statement from Hungary yesterday.  Once a month.  On the outside of the envelope is something in hungarian about making the best decisions blah blah.  Nothing at all that one reflects on too deeply before reviewing the unthrilling numbers inside, if the envelope is even opened at all.  But I glance again.  This wisdom is a quote from the Buddha.

My bank quoted the Buddha.  

I'm trying to imagine a financial institution in the US quoting a master of the immaterial.  Hard going.  But it occurs to me, now as I'm moving my belongings in boxes and reflecting with a great deal of melancholy over my material possessions, that maintaining any sense of mobility while dragging the weighing burden of my belongings requires time and effort and stress.

Immaterialism is the new luxury car.  I want it.

Solo show of new work at Hooks Epstein Gallery opens January 14th in Houston.
Still waiting to hear about George Billis date.

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