"Why are all the lamp switches in this house different?"  
I hear my family wonder out loud their observations about home.  And we often shout to each other from different rooms.  
"What about these donuts?!!!" 

I have been organizing my inventory of artworks from over twenty years for a soon-to-be-printed book.  It is data entry work that needs to be done.  
"Has anybody seen my goggles?!!!"

"What can I have for a snack?!!"  
I've also hired somebody recently to design and build my new website.  It ought to be ready within the next few weeks.  But it too has required time from me in the office and at the computer.

Togetherness.  We have new beds in the kids' bedrooms that are now full size.  And the markings on their height chart have grown past the taped paper that I've taken from one home to the next.  To them, still, height is the absolute proof of growth.  

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