In the attic of my split-level childhood home a note is scribbled on a roof beam.  Words addressing the future tenant in graphite as fresh as the day they were written:  Please remember us, we who built your home.    

This past weekend I gave a talk in Houston about my work.  My seat was occupied by an older gentleman whom I respectfully didn't want to move, so I stood.  Though I prefer to sit and chat, I stood and explained.  "However possible" is the point I wish to make.  My work happens however possible.    

 Buildings are shaped.  They can feel to have come about as naturally as the environment itself.  I am drawn to nonspecific architecture arranged and built by anonymous authors.  They can be post-war, set-back, added-on; but we are always their inheritors. 

Hooks Epstein Gallery in Houston will be showing my work for one more week.  My exhibition entitled "Mass and Void" has been pleasantly reviewed in the Houston Press.

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