I still possess a desire to reside in obscurity.  It first struck me as a college kid in Ohio, which at that time meant somewhere in Oklahoma.  A few years later it expanded to Cappadocia and eastern Europe.

The desire to flee, like a seven year itch, strikes when I feel a pressure.

I'm watchful of my radiohead listening self and have no intentions whatsoever to abandon anyone.

The last two months have been so busy taking two week-long visits to Indiana to visit my elderly parents while also getting back to get work done in the studio.  Someone complimented my recent work with two adjectives: juicy and muscular.  Couldn't ask for more.

We have an opening this Friday at Commerce Gallery in Lockhart.  All day until 8pm.  Patrick Puckett and Victoria Gilmore will be showing their new creations.




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  • Nancy Tankersley

    Happy my daughter Meredith introduced me to your painting while we were in Austin in October. I haven’t liked anyone’s painting as much as I do yours in a long time! I was surprised to see you went to Miami U, as I did in the late 60’s. Left after two years but maybe some of it stuck. Keep up the great work!!

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