Open the heart Studio

Open the heart Studio

Each morning my son opens the back door and sticks his arm out and moves it around stirring the air.  This is his way of determining the temperature of the day ahead, to decide what clothing to put on, if it'll be pants or shorts, short sleeves or long.

He sits at the table with his backpack and lunchbox, dressed and ready to leave but with 10 or 15 minutes to spare.  He might reach for a smartphone or he might sit and stare.  In such a gap in his schedule he chooses rest.  For a kid in middle school his life might seem to be a series of assignments.  It's a track that adults often advise him and others his age to stay on.

I watch this boy closely as if I'm watching myself.  And before I criticize him (or overly praise him for life's simple mundane requirements like "great job brushing your teeth!") I remind myself of my own tendencies to daydream and to relax, or of how uncurious I too can be before  great statues of knowledge.  Relax, Dad.
This Saturday, November 10th, from 10am - 6pm I'll be hosting an Open Studio.  Yes, it coincides with EAST (East Austin Studio Tour), but Lockhart is really just far-east Austin.  
Hoping clients can move in by Thanksgiving.

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