open studio

open studio

This Saturday, October 22nd, I'm hosting an open studio.  You are welcome to visit Sunday if you cannot make it on Saturday.  All day.  I wish to let go of old paintings and will offer discounted prices in order to free up needed space.  

What is my studio?  What makes this room a studio?  

I need a room that is not for entertaining.  It is for working and for me alone to work.  It is a control room.  A recent visitor commented on its Tetris feel, in regards I imagine to the maximized use of space.  I have shelves that are full of boxes, jars, and books.  I know where everything is.  The paints are arranged in a way that I can reach for cobalt behind my back while blindfolded.  

This need for control has one purpose:  to lose control.  Personally, I need great stability before I can lose myself in the project before me.  

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