Into a dark window

Into a dark window

That seemed like a decade when everything had to be spiritual.  A good friend of my parents was an episcopal priest, and he gave me a couple books to read without my soliciting.  Naturally, I assumed the books would continue the theme and perhaps present a different approach, one more protestant.

And I read these two books by authors whom I didn't know at that time: Stephen Jay Gould and Dava Sobel.  They presented different studies in western history.  One about the establishment of precise timekeeping, and the other about how the west might have lost track of it, especially during the dark ages.

I love the fact that religious leaders in my life have been those who have taught me to enjoy this life and its earthly offerings.  The intellect is part of this pleasure that shouldn't be wasted entirely on religion.

I play tennis with my son or throw the baseball back and forth.  I build a loft for my daughter and her bedroom arrangement, with her help.  My family insists on joy, despite all my efforts of resistance.

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