heat cloud

heat cloud

One hundred and four degrees are flocking to our drought.  The cloud arrives mid morning and wilts everything except my desert willows.  These young and verdant trees, not willows at all, drink away the pure heat.  Then there is the tomatillo, another heat drunkard, who looks to be promising me much fruit.  Is there a better word than "tomatillo"?

A welcomed congratulations from this precious publication, issue no.96 (american west region), due out in October.

And the blogger tenwordsandoneshot invited me to participate in his projekt.  It says, let's look at the paintings later, after we see the stinky artist in their cave.

This is a good example of where we might submerge ourselves, out of sight from the blistering sun of Texas Summer.  Are there any snakes in The Brazos River?...which means "arms" ... of God.

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