handful of water

handful of water

The border is the outer edge, and I choose masking tape to secure it.  It contains this great big area of work and play, structure and formlessness, control and chaos.  There is a pressure to break out of and spill beyond the border, to abstract.  But this is where I find abstractions to be too literal (what isn't abstract?). The game I like to play is within the same agreed-upon playground using the words and images that are used by everyone.  

 This is a celebration that says "Let's disappear".  This is what makes realism such a mysterious vehicle. Within the fence of my winter garden, I came across a black widow spider.  The power of this delicate and beautiful creature (to remove you from the garden) is all the more striking against the sprouting broccoli and cauliflower.  All a part of this little Eden.
Sometimes the commissioner is led by their half-asleep canine.

This area is pure night.  Yet the paper is covered in rainbow, very little black really, mostly raw sienna.

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