"Are you a millenial, Chris?"  
I looked around the small weight room where I lift heavier than normal things twice each week.  Who is asking me this?  

I paused the podcast on my phone.  An elderly gym mate was peddling so quietly on the stationary cycle that I'd not really noticed her.  I think of myself as more generation x and shared this with her.  She was intrigued.

She shared some recent observations, maybe complaints, about how dependent her children seem on their devices.  I admitted my own dependence and delicately shortened my answers to her questions so as to end the conversation and exit the gym.  

On the phone later this morning my mother asked me if I'd posted any new pictures on my dot com or my blog.  A perfectly sweet-hearted long-distance question.  I explained that I only blog once each month and that nobody looks at websites anymore.  But that I do post things regularly on facebook and instagram.  

She explained how she doesn't like facebook because of how she gets sucked into it.  Old friends reach out to her, and it's a bit overwhelming for her at her desk.  I had no argument for her and only wished I'd sent her a sappy hallmark card for mother's day.   Doggone it.

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