golden twinkle

golden twinkle

Sleeping habits, or the lack thereof, are such that we've moved our children's beds into our bedroom.  And after a week-long stretch of fever amidst a month-long Willy Wonka marathon, daytime seems a blurry continuum.  Interestingly, painting has never felt so rooted in somnambulism.

I find myself humming throughout the day, mostly songs from Willy Wonka.  Grandpa Joe sings the sweetest: about a golden twinkle in his eye.  These are my twinkles.  Even if they are out of focus most of the time.

This is my first watercolor.  Painted while I was in Ireland in 1997 on a bicycle with a rucksack.  My preschool watercolor kit consisted of six colors.  The sable haired, flat-head brush I still use today.

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