William Blake's art and poetry was spiritual.   When I encounter him I see a prophet in the wilderness.  I see an artist, but mostly I see a zealot with a vision of fire and glory.  I enjoy reading about his career as much as his own words, to get a picture of the visionary consumed by the eternal in a context of fellow bodies competing for a publisher's contract.
Formations and assemblies, teams, congregations, affiliations.  I just spent two consecutive nights at the Commerce Gallery entertaining guests for a themed weekend in the downtown square.  Community here is not abstract.  

I picked through old snapshots at a local pawn shop of families on beachside vacations, graduations, picnics.  I drove with a friend out to a primitive baptist hall to experience a Sacred Harp.  This republic as a broth, boiled down to shared experiences, not so much the lightning bolt of Blake's inner world.

One month so far at the new studio in downtown Lockhart.  Adding a sign here, a website there (in a couple weeks).  Matt Kaplinsky of Dallas will show his work next, party night Friday May 3rd.  Patrick Puckett, whose work is currently hanging through end of April, will have a show in Austin at Wally Workman in June.  He and his wife are expecting their first baby this month...a great time to support this fellow artist.

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