Agnes Bartas

Agnes Bartas

A relative has informed me that my great great grandmother was Hungarian.  Hungarian-ness, in my mind, is embodied best of all by Petőfi Sándora great poet and passionate revolutionary with a sword.  I'd always suspected that somewhere in my blood lurked some Magyarsag.  I just didn't expect it to be so recent.  This news is cause for a nice and quiet celebration.  

This party, painted as the demonstration piece for my Wimberley watercolor group, depicts the raving hysteria known only by watercolor enthusiasts.  Those in attendance were, just on the surface, a bit more reserved, oohing and awing at precisely the right time.  I enjoyed it so much that I see a workshop there in the future.  I'll be sure to post the date in advance.

Last week I received an invitation to exhibit some of my newest work in watercolor at Galerie Maurer.  The exhibition has a summer theme and opens July 3 in Frankfurt, Germany.  Houston flies direct.

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